AI Miner

AIMiner is an one-click mining tool. Support ETH, ETC, Zero Coin, Pork, Monroe and others, also support double-dig such as DCR and SC, and support Nvidia and AMD cards. Improve the mining of N and A cards, support monitoring of mines.

AIMiner optimized the mining algorithm of the GPU, detected hardware systems to dig each force calculation, A card BIOS settings, GPU overclocking and make an optimization mining settings.

AIMiner provides popular mining pools and revenue inquiries in various currencies, making it easier for users to understand the ratio of mining.

  • Double currency dig support
  • Support N card and A card
  • Support mine monitoring
  • Support Windows
  • Improve mining power
  • One-click mining

VF Wallet

VF Wallet is a mobile encrypted digital wallet that supports BTC, ETH (including various Tokens based on Ethereum), ETC, ZEC, HSR and XMR.

Users can send and receive easily and securely, create and manage wallets, and import third-party wallets. And VF Wallet also supports optimized transaction, help users reduce costs and shorten the confirmation time.

VF wallet also has a hardware wallet, support U-shield transfer, U-shield has double backup, ensure the use of security.

  • Support popular currencies
  • Supports multiple Tokens
  • Never use private keys
  • Support iOS/Android platform
  • Hardware U-shield cold wallet
  • Support real-time rates

More Products

  • mining pool

    Supports multiple mining pool
  • Hardware Wallet

    Offline wallet, key isolation, digital wallet security
  • Mining monitoring

    Monitor figures, provide detailed data analysis and reporting
  • Mine operation

    Mining machine operation data chart statistics and data display
  • Mine hosting

    Provide mining machine, graphics card machine hosting
  • Cloud mining and trading

    Decentralized trading, cloud mining from B2C to C2C
  • Decentralized Exchange

    Provide various currency transactions
  • Blockchain solution

    Provide industry blockchain solutions and technical support

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